Course statistics and tracking disabled

We have currently disabled course statistics while we continue to investigate the problems with this functionality. Disabling tracking and statistics within courses will impact on instructor’s ability to generate course and item statistics and tracking data for individual or groups of users. We apologise for any disruption this may cause.

At present Blackboard course instructors still have the ability to enable tracking on individual items within a course but please be aware that the reports generated may not contain any data, or the data may not be accurate.

How do I batch enrol users?

To batch enrol users, you need to create a csv file with course IDs in the first column, usernames in the second column, and code for user roles (e.g. “P” for instructor) in the third column (for students you can leave the third column blank).

To batch enrol users yourself, you must have access to the System Admin tab. If you do not, check to see if a colleague has System Admin access in Blackboard. If not, please email your csv file to, requesting a batch enrolment.

If you do have System Admin access, carry out the following steps:

  1. Click the System Admin tab
  2. Select Courses
  3. Select Enrol users
  4. Browse for the csv file you have created
  5. Select Submit.

How do I look at my grades or check my submissions?

Check submissions

  1. When you submit your assignment you will see an onscreen confirmation and receive an email receipt
  2. If you see a message saying “This file is being converted. The estimated waiting time is … seconds” your submission will have been registered but you may need to refresh the page to see it.

Look at grades and feedback

  1. From your Blackboard home page, in the Tools menu click My Grades.  A link to My Grades can also be found in most Blackboard courses
  2. Click on the relevant course and find the assignment
  3. Click on the assignment link to see your submission or access feedback (if this has been provided)

Video guides on how to access feedback

Accessing feedback for Blackboard assignments (2 mins)

Accessing feedback for Turnitin assignments (2 mins)



new academic

Please note: students are automatically enrolled on SITS courses (units/programmes) based on data in SITS.  They should be removed from the relevant unit in SITS to unenrol them from the corresponding course in Blackboard.

If you wish to unenrol users (e.g. from a non-SITS course) then:

1.  Expand the  Control panel menu

2.  Click Users and groups

3.  Click Users

4.  Tick the box next to the user you wish to remove

5.  Click Remove Users from Course

6.  Click OK in the warning pop up box


How do I enrol an instructor on my course?

1.  From the course home page click on ‘control panel’ to open options (if necessary)

2.  Click users and groups

3.  Click Enrol users

4.  Click  Find users to enrol

5.  Enter the username(s) (these can be found by logging in to the Contact Directory)- Do NOT click on Browse

6.  Change role to instructor

7.  Click Submit

What is Blackboard ?

Blackboard is the centrally supported online learning environment for the University of Bristol. Blackboard provides a range of tools to support communication, collaboration, and assessment activities as well as easy access to reading lists and course materials.

How do I enrol a student on my course?

Please note: for all SITS courses (units or programmes) students will be automatically enrolled based on data in SITS. So firstly please check that this data is correct – that is, the student is registered for the the unit (you can check this in My Students).

If you need to manually enrol any students (e.g. for a non-SITS Blackboard course) then:

1.  From the course home page click on Control panel 

2.  Click Users and groups

3.  Click Enrol User

4.  Click Find users to enrol

5.  Enter the  username (which can be found by logging in to the University contact directory), or usernames, separated by commas.  Do not click on Browse.

6.  Click Submit

If you require a batch upload of a large number of students please contact your local Blackboard admin or email