Issue when editing Turnitin assignment post date

We are currently investigating an issue with the Turnitin integration with the Blackboard Grade Centre.

If an instructor edits the Turnitin post date while the associated column in the Blackboard Grade Centre is hidden to students, it causes the relevant column to become visible to students allowing them to see their marks and feedback.

While we test a fix to this problem, when adding a Turnitin point please set the post date to a suitable future date and do not edit this until you are happy for marks and feedback to be released. If you do need to make any changes to the post date please ensure that you check the corresponding Grade Centre column to ensure your settings have been maintained.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.



Critical Dates for TEL Systems

If you know the dates of your Critical Activity on Blackboard or QMP until the end of August 2015, please forward them to

Please provide the following information:

* Course ID or name

* Date and time of activity

* Type of activity e.g. Submission, Exam

(For online assessment activity could you please include the following code – M for mock, A for assessment and E for final exam)

* Number of students sitting the exam/Submitting

* Room name or number where the activity will take place, along with a contact number (if applicable)

* Contact Name and phone number

This information is vital for the TEL Team to plan system maintenance and upgrade.

TEL workshops for staff

Places are now available on TEL workshops for staff in the New Year.  These include:

  • Introduction to Blackboard for administrative and support staff
  • Introduction to Blackboard for academic staff (including research staff)
  • TEL essentials

For further information and booking please see the “Training and events” section of the TEL website.