Box View Error – Unable to Load New Box View Due to Disabled 3rd Party Cookies

Blackboard have informed us of a known issue when using the new Box View service:

When a user attempts to view documents within Blackboard Learn’s Inline Grading Interface and the New Box View service using a browser that has blocked 3rd-party cookies, the user will see a blank page and the New Box View service and submitted document never fully load.

Their suggested solution for this is to enable third party cookies in your browser by following these steps:

  1. Browser Settings or Preferences > Privacy
  2. Select “Always allow” (or similar)
  3. Refresh the page with the viewer on it
  4. Return to Browser Settings or Preferences and revert to the default of “Allow from websites I visit” (or similar)

There are more specific instructions for each browser here

If 3rd-party cookies must be disabled, some browsers allow for domain exceptions to be added. Please Allow [*.] (Chrome) or (Firefox).